we strive to build
sustainable teams

Successfully building sustainable teams within an organization requires synchronized efforts between distinct roles and expertise. That’s why at Actitudes™ we have chosen to work as an inter-dependent network of experts. We put together the knowledge, tools, and resources that your team needs to accelerate its development and reach its goals.

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Frédéric Meuwly

Founder & Managing Director

Frédéric helps leaders and their teams find the inspiration and tools they need to rapidly develop into high-performing teams. He is the author of the book Sustainable Teams: 18 drivers to enable high-performance teamwork. 

  • Teambuilding workshops
  • Leadership coaching
  • Organizational development

Andrea Zahno

Senior Consultant

Andrea’s approach to team development is systemic and resource-centered. She helps organizations create a healthy work environment that empowers people to contribute in a meaningful way to collective success.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Teambuilding workshops
  • Systemic workplace health

Anne Laure Egger-Dormond

Senior Consultant

Anne-Laure likes to make a positive difference in accurately putting her finger on what will help leaders, teams and organizations accelerate their success. Her approach combines acute listening with sound business understanding.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Team workshops
  • Career development

David Picard

Artistic Director

David regularly creates new content (photography, design, and illustration) for team workshops and training programs. He is also the illustrator of the book Sustainable Teams: 18 drivers to enable high-performance teamwork.

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Design

Hanael Sfez

Senior Consultant

Hanael helps organizations successfully manage their digital transformation. He works with leaders and their teams to streamline their work processes and re-think how to best integrate what the latest digital tools have to offer.

  • Digital transformation for teams
  • Collaborative dynamics
  • Digital workspace

Kallia Apazoglou

Senior Researcher

Kallia combines a background in neuroscience with extensive practice as pranayama yoga instructor. She helps individual refine their posture and breathing patterns, re-connect with themselves, clear their mind and thrive!

  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Mind-body connection
  • Resilience & emotional regulation

Marco Mancesti

Senior Consultant

Marco is a thought-leader in disruption leadership and strategy. He regularly publishes articles on how leaders can navigate their strategic roadmap, make critical decisions, manage stakeholders, and create high-performing teams.

  • Keynotes
  • Team disruption readiness workshops
  • Strategy execution consulting

Mark Guilbert

Senior Consultant

Mark is an internationally recognized authority on optimizing personal and organizational effectiveness. His areas of expertise include managing energy and resilience through better sleep, movement and mental focus.

  • Keynotes
  • Leadership coaching
  • Workplace health and personal energy management

Nathalie Sofia

Training Coordinator

Nathalie brings more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources to the team. She shares her passion for effective teamwork and swiftly contributes to the design and organization of our custom team workshop programs.

  • Training coordination
  • Office management
  • Project management

Rachel Zohar

Senior Consultant

Rachel is passionate about people and skills development. She helps leaders and teams in creating and maintaining positive communication to foster sustainable team cohesion.

  • Team workshops
  • Leadership coaching
  • Communication and emotional intelligence

Clarissa Nicolet

Coach & facilitator

Clarissa supports individuals and teams with an holistic and systemic approach. She is passionate about individual development and group dynamics and brings autenticity, caring and creativity into her programs. 

  • Team workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Systemic and transactional analysis

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