Agile Strategy in VUCA world

Agile Strategy in VUCA world

How often do you re-adjust your strategy? Does it factor-in the latest changes in your environment, or do you sometimes feel that you are relying on a set of outdated assumptions? In a context that changes so often and so deeply, nobody believes in long-term strategies anymore. Failing to manage your strategy in real-time can have a strong negative impact on your business. What does it mean? Simply that your strategy’s pertinence must be reviewed more often. “Strategy Health-Check” uses the Gerositus® leadership model to help you understand where you stand, adjust, and prioritize in real-time.


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The Strategy Health-Check workshop is designed as a deep-dive into your purpose and your strategy. It will help you diagnose where you stand in terms of the coherence of your vision, mission, key performance indicators, strategy and the current context. In particular, you will

  • Identify your priorities, key risks, possible disruptions and opportunities
  • Learn how to monitor the evolution of your business context, and how to react
  • Build on your strengths

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