Body & Mind Connection

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Body & Mind Connection

Our minds are running fast daily, and to counteract this race our bodies are either static or running fast as well. A disbalance between activity and inactivity settles in our bodies, while our minds are tormented with daily duties and responsibilities, resulting in states of anxiety, exhaustion and troubled sleep. In this program we measure this disbalance individually and we then propose a series of tools to restore balance in the long-term.


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We often consider body and mind as two separate entities, and this results in a desynchronization between the two, but aren’t those parts of the same whole that defines our physical self? The mind not only controls the motion of the body but also has a tremendous impact on the body’s physiology. And the body can powerfully modify the state of the mind if used in that aim. In this series of 3 – 6 classes, we will be using our body (physical exercises), our mind (focused attention & visualizations) and our breath as a connecting factor. You will discover effective tools to synchronize your body and mind and access a space of inner stability and serenity:

  • Identify how the mind affects the body.
  • Learn how to change your mental state through your body.
  • Explore how everyday life changes when your body and your mind are synchronized.

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