Insights® leadership effectiveness program

Insights Discovery for Leaders

Insights® leadership effectiveness program

What does a good leader look like? What makes a leader great? Discover how to harness the powerful mix of capabilities that will enable you to lead and inspire yourself, your team, and the organization to excel.


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What you will learn

Building on the Insights® language of Colour, this program explores all aspects of leadership development within the context of your business. It will help you navigate through any challenges that you may face, and give you powerful insights to become a strong, balanced and inspired leader:

  • explore how leadership manifests itself in 4 ways: Results Leadership, Centered Leadership, Relationship Leadership and Visionary Leadership.
  • gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your own preferences and how they impact your leadership style on your ‘good and bad’ days.
  • analyze how your leadership is affected when operating under stress/pressure and how to overcome barriers to success.
  • learn how authentic leaders inspire and empower people to achieve outstanding results.
  • be more effective at influencing yourself, your team and your key stakeholders.
  • know how to coach and develop others to excel.
  • know how to be flexible and adapt your leadership style to motivate the different individuals in your team based on Insights® 8-Type personality profiles.

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