Leading through effective feedback and non-violent communication


Leading through effective feedback and non-violent communication

Are you comfortable in both giving and receiving feedback? Feedback is an opportunity to engage in conversations that make a difference. When managed effectively, feedback plays a key role in developing talent and builds a strong base for high-performance team collaboration.


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What you will learn

Feedback can play a key role in creating deeper work relationships and strengthening your team. To manage feedback conversations effectively, leaders and their teams need to develop a mix of emotional intelligence and needs-based feedback management skills.

  • Identify ways to empower someone to keep doing great work.
  • Learn how to deliver feedback —good and bad— that is clear and specific.
  • Explore ways to strengthen team bonds through a needs-based approach to feedback & the use of non-violent communication.

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90 min interactive online training


45-90 min individual coaching sessions
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