Insights® team dynamics program

Insights Discovery for Teams

Insights® team dynamics program

What team-dynamics make for a great team? Good teamwork is about relationships. It’s about each team member understanding their role and contribution to the group and feeling valued for the part they play in helping the team succeed.



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What you will learn

Building on the Insights® language of colors, this teambuilding workshop explores how to better understand and respect each other, value individual differences and unique contributions in a positive way. As a result, team performance and productivity are increased and team members learn how to:

  • develop and foster real team spirit within your organization with a simple, memorable and practical model
  • help teams to quickly recognize and value the gifts and contribution of each team member
  • know how to engage, support and motivate each team member
  • create a positive, non-threatening environment for discussing differences, challenges and resolving conflict
  • ensure your team is greater than the sum of its parts

This is achieved by exploring individual style and the collective team dynamic thanks to Insights® Discovery Personal Profiles and the Insights® Team Wheel. Team members share and collaborate to create their Team Communication guide which becomes a blueprint for enhancing communication and interpersonal skills on the team.

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