Optimizing sleep, recovery and resilience

Firstbeat HRV optimize sleep recovery resilience

Optimizing sleep, recovery and resilience

Sleep is a key element of individual and organizational effectiveness. Yet in our frenetic society people who sleep six hours or less are regarded as being tough, competitive, and ambitious. Sadly, this will only lead to impaired performance, diminished productivity, and poor health. That said, sleep deprivation is costing US companies $63.2 billion dollars a year in lost productivity.


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Sleep is a key element of a healthy lifestyle. It’s essential for us to keep our immunity from infection at peak performance and to enable us to restore our bones, muscles, organs, and tissues. Sleep is necessary for the adequate production of hormones, including the all-important growth hormone, which makes us less vulnerable to the diseases of ageing.

  • Identify your natural chronotype and how it affects the way you work
  • Learn how to use the 90-minute rule – 35 cycles/week technique for sleep optimization
  • Explore the three separate, but closely intertwined sleep windows for optimal recovery

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