Insights® team effectiveness program

Insights Discovery for Teams

Insights® team effectiveness program

How to transform your team into a high-performing team? Engage your team in a deeper exploration and understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and colour dynamic. Brainstorm solution’s to the most critical issues, how to access untapped potential and achieve their collective goals for success.



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Leaders / Organization / Teams

What you will learn

Building on the Insights® language of Colour, this teambuilding workshop explores how to achieve effective teamwork within the context of your business. It will help you navigate through any challenges that your team may face, and give you powerful insights to become a strong high-performing team:

  • explore your team’s strengths, weaknesses and colour dynamic in more depth
  • assess your team’s performance in 4 key areas of Insights® model for effective teamwork: Focus, Flow, Climate and Process.
  • focus on the issues and challenges most critical to your team’s success.
  • be more aware of your team’s key strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.
  • create space for more open and honest dialogue within the team.
  • overcome a major obstacle that is holding the team back.
  • develop team action plans for continuous team improvement.

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1 day or half-day team building workshop
Face-to-Face, Online

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