Yoga & emotional well-being

yoga emotional well being

Yoga & emotional well-being

We would not be humans without emotions and despite our different ways to cope with them, we are all affected by emotional states in a conscious or unconscious way. Emotions arise in the body changing our physiology automatically and, by doing so, they also influence our cognition without always being noticed or controlled. Emotional overactivity can lead to a multitude of circumstances both agreeable and disagreeable, and in extreme cases to emotional imbalance.


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Emotions might feel abstract or seem very subjective, but they do share a common physiology signature in all human beings. In neuroscience, we explore how emotions affect cognitive function, behavior and decision making. In yoga, we learn how to detach from our emotions so that we maintain a neutral state of mind. In business and everyday life, a stable neutral state of mind may be the key to all successes.

  • Identify your proper, unique emotional reactivity patterns.
  • Learn how to discern emotions from factual situations in yourself and in others.
  • Explore tools to understand, accept and tame emotions in yourself and others.

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