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Committed, serene, high-performance teams thanks to the principles of Agility

How can we anchor a sustainable way of working in a demanding, volatile and turbulent environment? Teams that have adopted the precepts of Agility are more productive, more committed and more serene.
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Much of the anxiety, fatigue and stress at work is due to the fact that we have to do today's work with yesterday's tools and concepts. Slow, rigid and compartmentalized, they are not adapted to a volatile, turbulent and increasingly complex world.

Agility is often misunderstood as a project management technique reserved for development or product management. Yet the power of a method like Scrum comes from its holistic vision of the team: values and principles, roles and individuals, processes and rituals, project management and resources.

You'll discover how to harness best practices to create a more productive, collaborative and healthy working environment. A pragmatic approach, rooted in your everyday life.

  • Think and act as a team, in a highly collaborative manner
  • Evolve with transparency, accountability and honesty
  • Be agile and adapt quickly to change
  • Keep the workload smooth, constant and pleasant for everyone
  • Better control of projects, resources and costs
  • Doing better and better thanks to a continuous assessment-adaptation routine
  • Promoting innovation and striving for excellence

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Hanael Sfez
Your facilitator

Hanael Sfez

Hanael helps organizations make a successful digital transition. He helps leaders and their teams simplify their processes and workflows by integrating the latest digital tools currently available. With the team at Axxun, which he co-founded, he supports organizations in their digital transition, helping them to implement the work tools of tomorrow.

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