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Changer votre respiration, changer votre vie (en anglais)

A simple and straightforward talk that genuinely explains and resumes the importance of our breath. Inhale – fear : exhale – love;

Lucas Rockwood uses two powerful examples to communicate the strong link between our breath and the automatic function of our nervous system. As a rule of thumb, Lucas recommends:

  • Water breathing – to use anytime/ all day – equilibrating breath with 4 sec inhale : 4 sec exhale
  • Whiskey breathing – to use moderately, e.g. before sleep – relaxation-inducing breath with 4 sec inhale : 8 sec exhale
  • Coffee breathing – to use moderately, at specific times throughout the day such as Morning, before workout or early afternoon – induces physiological activation with 0-20x – 3 rounds

Breath is intrinsically related to all our vital functions including the heart, the guts (digestion) and the brain (mental health), and consciously changing our breath can indeed change our life!

With this knowledge and our combined know-how, we have developed Body & Mind connection, a tailored program proposed at your workplace to deepen the practice of the different breathing techniques and help you install a new habit, that of conscious breathing!

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