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teams - The book

By unlocking the best that you and your co-workers have to offer, this book will accelerate your team’s development and help to unleash its full potential. We are happy to announce that the English version of the book is now available. Order your copy below and get ready to discover how the 18 team sustainability drivers can help you transform teamwork within your organization.

Sustainable Teams is a must-read for anyone who is looking to make the miracle of great teamwork happen within their organization.

- Prof. George A. Kohlrieser, Professor Emeritus of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD business school, Lausanne, Switzerland.


ISBN 978-2-9701418-9-1 (HARDCOVER)
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Book description

In Sustainable Teams, consultant and keynote speaker Frederic Meuwly, Ph.D. shares his practical, evidence-based approach to helping organizations achieve high-performance teamwork.

The author views teams as complex human ecosystems that can achieve long-term success by focusing on 18 factors of workgroup sustainability. The guide includes three real-life case studies showing how these factors contribute to improved performance, as well as advice on how to translate them into everyday practice.

By fully leveraging the power of collective intelligence, sustainable teams can co-create lasting value that serves a higher purpose and achieves a greater good.

At a time when many organizations are still overly focused on short-term returns, Sustainable Teams is a vibrant call for leaders to redefine teamwork in response to profoundly disruptive changes in our environment, societies, and economies.

This book can serve as an inspiring resource and field guide for executives, department heads, project leaders, and specialists in talent and organizational development.


P.08 PART I - The magic of great teamwork
explains what makes sustainable teams different, highlights three key concepts underpinning them, discusses the magic of great teamwork in high-performing groups, and warns that many teams also have a dark, dysfunctional side.

P.20 PART II - A new paradigm for team and organizational development
outlines the book’s underlying concepts and explains why we need new models for team and organizational development in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world where frequent and sometimes disruptive changes have become the new norm.

P.31 PART III - Building sustainable teams: an integrated framework and impact model
introduces the 18 Team Sustainability Drivers and argues that focusing on these can yield positive long-run outcomes in terms of team sustainability, business success, customer satisfaction, and ecosystem growth.

P.43 PART IV - Building sustainable teams: from idea to practice
takes you through three real-world case studies where my colleagues and I applied the sustainable teams approach in coaching interventions, and discusses the challenges that we faced while working with those teams.

P.74 PART V - How to leverage the 18 Team Sustainability Drivers
provides a catalogue of best practices and things to avoid when implementing each of the 18 drivers with your team. You can return to this section whenever you or your colleagues need guidance on how to address a specific driver within your organization.

P.113 Final Thoughts

P.114 Acknowledgements

P.116 Bibliography

P.119 About the author

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