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Discover Actitudes® TeamScan: A systemic, participative approach to assessing, understanding and improving the sustainable performance of your teams.

The 18 drivers of Actitudes® TeamScan offer a holistic vision, making it possible to grasp interdependencies and capitalize on synergies between different elements.
TeamScan Actitudes

Your TeamScan Actitudes™ project
step by step

Step 1: Systemic assessment

Use TeamScan Actitudes™ to carry out an in-depth, inclusive assessment of 18 drivers sustainability within your teams. Get a detailed report of their maturity and relative priority.

Stage 2: Ideation & Co-creation

Explore and make sense of your TeamScan results in a participative workshop. Identify issues and co-develop ideas and courses of action at individual, team and organizational levels. 

Stage 3: Monitoring & Sustainability

Transform results into concrete actions and develop a roadmap with the 18 drivers. Create co-development groups and strengthen collaboration, communication and cohesion within your organization.
TeamScan Actitudes - 18 Drivers - EN

Take the pulse of your teams!

With TeamScan Actitudes™
carry out a complete 18 drivers assessment within your team and/or for your entire organization.
  • Get feedback from your teams on the maturity level and relative priority of 18 drivers.
  • Explore the results in a systemic way during a participative workshop, and transform them into concrete actions to boost your teams' sustainable performance.
  • Compare inter-team results, identify synergies, and identify common themes for your organization's development.
  • Available in three languages: FR - DE - EN

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