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We facilitate responsible organizational development

Our participative seminars mobilize the different levels of the organization: self, leaders, teams, departments, organization. These different levels of the organization, interdependent and interconnected, form a living system that generates its own ecosystem and interacts with its environment.

The 18 drivers
for team sustainability

Reconciling people, health and organizational performance. The foundation of sustainable teams, 18 drivers enables us to focus on one or more dimensions, while keeping an eye on the system as a whole.

On the road to responsible organizational development


Agility and sustainability

Develop an agile and innovative work culture, while making conscious choices in the present and considering long-term impacts. 

Collaboration and co-creation

Collaborate and communicate cross-functionally, encourage mutual support, break down silos and strengthen intergenerational dialogue.  

Collective intelligence

Generate ideas, co-create, co-develop and engage in action individually and collectively.

Responsible leadership

Exercise responsible leadership, support and strengthen teams in their development and foster a systemic understanding of issues. 

Learning teams

Encourage experiential learning and the right to make mistakes. Develop psychological safety and a feedback culture at all levels of the organization. 

Shared vision and meaning

Express shared values and live them on a daily basis. Reinforce the sense and orientation of teams towards a common goal. 

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