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TTT: Certified facilitator for sustainable teams

Join our Train-the-Trainer (TTT) training and become a certified facilitator for sustainable teams with 18 drivers Actitudes™. This highly practical and experiential certification is for you coaches, trainersᐧtrices, consultantᐧeᐧs in management, HR and organizational development specialists.
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Whether you're working within an organization or an independent consultant, this certification will enable you to deploy and use the 18 driversmethodology for sustainable teams on your own team coaching programs.

The training program lasts approximately 3 months and includes the following:

  • Self-paced online preparatory work
  • A two-day residential stay in Charmey
  • Peer-coaching
  • Your first "sustainable teams" seminar
  • Supervision with one of our MasterCoaches
  • Half-day intervision circle

Throughout this training program, you will develop and build your personal projectsupported and guided by the process and the group.

This program will enable you to step naturally into this new role as a facilitator with the Sustainable Teams methodology. 

You will also be asked to lead one or more workshops on the methodology during your training course.

Once certified your annual license allows you to:

  • you are authorized to lead and consult with the ACTITUDES™ methodology
  • you benefit from the platform of tools and resources provided by ACTITUDES™
  • you join thecommunity of certified facilitators/practitioners
  • You are visible in our certified facilitators' catalog

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Two Train-the-trainer courses in 2024: 

Session 1: Residential in Charmey on June 13-14, 2024 | registration deadline April 15, 2024.

Session 2: Residential in Charmey on October 3-4, 2024 | registration deadline July 31, 2024.


Train-the-trainer training courses in 2025 : 

2025 session 1: Residential in Charmey on May 15-16, 2025


The Train-the-Trainer residential video:

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Frederic Meuwly
Your facilitator

Frédéric Meuwly

Frédéric is passionate about developing sustainable teams and organizations, which led him to found Actitudes™ in 2010. As a consultant and speaker, he works with leaders and their teams to drive the changes needed to implement responsible leadership and a sustainable organizational culture. Frédéric recently published his vision of team and organizational development in a book entitled "Sustainable teams: 18 drivers for high-performance teamwork" .

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