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Generative Leadership

This program is aimed at leaders, team leaders and managers who wish to develop Generative Leadership for their teams and themselves. On the program: get away from your usual work environment, get together with your peers, close to nature and work on your leadership posture to mobilize "Sustainable Teams".
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Key points addressed

  • How to create the conditions for generative dialogue within the team.
  • How to mobilize your teams around 18 drivers from our book "Sustainable Teams: 18 drivers for effective, sustainable teamwork".
  • How to create healthy, fertile soil for your team / and yourself.
  • How to reinforce psychological security within your team (trust, autonomy, recognition, daring to say, the right to make mistakes).
  • Create that space of "conscious choice" between the stimuli of the complex VUCA environment in which we evolve and yourself.

Following the seminar, you define the commitments and concrete actions you wish to test/implement in your day-to-day work with your team (and yourself). In the follow-up phase, we debrief together and, with the group's input, go into greater depth on the situations brought forward by participants. At the same time, you can work with a Peer-coaching pair.


  • Participant Kit Actitudes™
  • 1 Actitudes™ brochure 18 drivers
  • 1 "18 drivers" card game
  • 1 "Sustainable Teams" book
  • 6-month access to the "Sustainable Teams" E-learning program on our online Academy.


Frederic Meuwly
Your facilitator

Frédéric Meuwly

Frédéric is passionate about developing sustainable teams and organizations, which led him to found Actitudes™ in 2010. As a consultant and speaker, he works with leaders and their teams to drive the changes needed to implement responsible leadership and a sustainable organizational culture. Frédéric recently published his vision of team and organizational development in a book entitled "Sustainable teams: 18 drivers for high-performance teamwork" .

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