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Sustainable teams seminar: introduction to the 18 drivers

Workshop to initiate participative teamwork based on 18 drivers for "sustainable teams". Single workshop or series of workshops or coaching.
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The aim of this workshop (or coaching - depending on the chosen format) is to initiate participatory work based on the 18 drivers Actitudes™ methodology.

It can be the starting point for a broader project within the company; accompanied by strategic follow-up, co-development groups, peer-coaching or other concrete implementation possibilities between sessions, or following the seminar. This support can also include several workshops or a second workshop to validate implementation.

The content is tailored to the needs of the client, the team and its organization. It includes an introduction to the 18 key factors, as well as work in sub-groups. It enables collective intelligence to be rapidly generated, as well as the identification of priority development areas for the team/organization based on the 18 factors.

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